Sponsor Policies

Mission Statement

The mission of the LIFE Conference is to be at the forefront of providing information, educational resources and opportunities for persons with disabilities, their families, caregivers, educators and providers.  The primary goal of the LIFE Conference is to promote and support full community integration by focusing on the four areas of Legislation, Independence, Families, and Education.  The LIFE Conference offers its attendees the opportunity to learn, network, and participate in sessions designed to share information with all participants, including policy makers and the general public.

Conference Objectives

The LIFE Conference empowers participants to become better advocates for themselves and others by encouraging participants to be NICENetwork, obtain up-to-date Information, Connect with providers and advocates in the disability community, and obtain Education on topics important to persons with disabilities.

To achieve this, the LIFE Conference seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Present content that reflects emerging issues, available resources, and current information relating to disability.
  2. Prioritize the full and meaningful participation of people with disabilities and their families in conference planning, sessions, and activities.
  3. Facilitate opportunities for participants to network with other participants, Sponsors and vendors.
  4. Increase participants’ knowledge base regarding topics that are important to them and their families through the presentation of timely, relevant content in main sessions and breakout sessions.
  5. Make participants aware of services and supports that are available to them through networking and education.
  6. Providing the requirements of continuing education granting agencies do not dictate the structure of the conference, the LIFE Conference will provide opportunities for professionals with an interest in disability related topics to attend, learn, and earn continuing education credits (where applicable).

New Sponsors

Any organization seeking to become a new Sponsor must submit a New Sponsor Request form to the Conference Contractor at [email protected].

All LIFE Conference Sponsors must be in alignment with the goals and mission statement of the conference.  All requests will be reviewed by the Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC) Social Services Administrator acting on the authority delegated by the LIFE Conference Planning Committee.  Approval of Sponsors will be contingent upon their alignment with the conference’s mission and objectives.

New Sponsors who register first without submitting a New Sponsor Request form will be contacted by Conference Contractor to complete the form.  They will not be approved for participation until this form has been submitted, reviewed, and approved.

The Planning Committee will be notified of all new Sponsors at the next meeting following the approval of their sponsorship.

Product Donations or In-Kind

The donation of products or gift cards to be used for door prizes (reserved for products or cards valued at $25 or above) are appreciated. Product donations will be recognized at the conference with signage at the registration table.  If product donations are valued over $700 then equivalent Sponsor benefits may be offered at the discretion of the conference organizers.  Please indicate if you plan to donate products on the online registration form.  The LIFE Conference is an educational and networking event; therefore, the commercial selling of raffle tickets at a Sponsor exhibit table is not permitted.

Conference Registration

Conference organizers require that all Sponsors register for the conference online at www.lifeconferencede.org.  Each individual Sponsor representative must be registered in advance to attend the conference.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment via check or IV is accepted. 

To pay via check: please make check payable to the State of Delaware and mail to:

LIFE Conference
c/o The Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council
410 Federal Street, Ste. 2,
Dover, DE  19901

To pay via Intergovernmental Voucher Payments (State Agencies Only): please send an email to [email protected] and [email protected] with your agency’s Department ID# and the total amount of your sponsorship fees. 

Payment via credit card will be available for an additional fee of 3%; please contact conference organizers at [email protected] if you wish to take advantage of this payment option.

  • All payments for sponsorships space must be made no later than December 31, 2023.

  • Please note, to be eligible for Early Bird rate, payment must be received by December 15, 2023.

  • For Sponsor registrations on or after December 16, 2023, payment must be received by December 31, 2023.

  • All cancellations must be received in writing to Lorraine Janusas at Eventful Connections. Cancellations received on or before December 15, 2023, will be refunded 50% of the registration fee. After December 16, 2023, no portion of the registration fee will be refunded.  In the event of extreme inclement weather, the Committee reserves the right to reschedule the event.  Updates will be posted on the website.

Sponsor Table Map Listing

To assist in drawing attendees to your Sponsor exhibit table the LIFE Conference publishes a map and table listing in which each organization is listed by name with contact details for their organization, providing an ongoing resource to attendees. 

Sponsor Exhibit Table Assignments

The Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council (DDC) Social Services Administrator acting on the authority delegated by the LIFE Conference Planning Committee and the Conference Contractor reserve the right to assign the layout of Sponsor exhibit space.  Space reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.  Exhibit space is limited.  Receipt of full payment must accompany the Sponsor registration to reserve space. As much as possible, requests for complementary or competitive exhibitor space placements will be honored.

For on-site LIFE Conferences held in person at Bally’s Dover Conference Center, the following guidelines are followed when assigning exhibit table location to Sponsors:

  • Planning Committee Organization Sponsors – are placed in the hallway or lobbies near registration.

  • Platinum and Gold Sponsors – are also placed in the hallway or lobbies near registration.

  • Silver and Bronze Sponsors – are placed in either the hallway or lobbies near registration (space permitting) or in Ballroom A.

  • Copper Sponsors – are placed in Ballroom A or in the hallway or lobbies if space permits after the above Sponsor levels have been placed.

Set-Up and Removal

For 2024, the exhibit area will be made available from 3:00pm-5:00pm the day before the conference, on Tuesday, January 23rd.  On the conference day of Wednesday, January 24th, set up will be available as of 6:00am.  ALL exhibits should be fully in place no later than 7:30 am that morning.  Exhibits are to remain in place until at least 4:15 pm. All tear down must be completed by 5:00 pm.  Each Sponsor is responsible for installation and removal of the exhibit.  Sponsors must provide their own flatbed carts and dollies.

Exhibit Space Information

Included in the exhibit space cost are one 6’ table (covered with linen), and two chairs. Electricity will be provided only upon request at the time of registration. Table signs will not be provided by conference organizers; please plan accordingly to bring your organization’s sign or tablecloth. Exhibits should not be placed to obstruct the view of any other exhibit. Exhibits should not project beyond the allotted space and should not interfere with access to any exhibit, aisle, or doorway.

Use of Exhibit Space

All demonstrations during the conference must be held within the boundaries of the assigned exhibit space. No exhibit space may be sublet or assigned to a company, group, or individual other than that listed on the exhibit contract/ registration. No guns, knives, helium balloons or pharmaceuticals are permitted for show or sale. The LIFE Conference reserves the right to restrict part or all of exhibit or merchandise if it is judged to be objectionable or counter-productive to the conference as a whole. The exhibitor is solely responsible for obtaining licenses and permits required by the city, county, and state for payment of all taxes and government fees. Each exhibit is expected to be attended by at least one representative during exhibit hours. All attendants will be required to be identified as an exhibitor. Any exhibit using audible devices must not interfere with neighboring exhibits.

Commercial Support

The exhibitor shall complete all paperwork in a timely manner as related to commercial support documentation for continuing education credit. Failure to complete requested forms may result in cancellation of exhibitor space or sponsorship.


No substitutions can be made for products or services offered in exhibitor or sponsorship packages. For example, ad space may not be substituted for additional representatives’ registration.


The LIFE Conference acts only as an agent for all Sponsor exhibitors.  Sponsors and their representatives shall indemnify and hold harmless The LIFE Conference, the DDC, the conference contractor and their representatives or employees from any cause whatsoever. The exhibitor, by completing this application, releases all such individuals and agencies from claims for such incidents.


The Sponsor exhibitor shall be responsible for securing any necessary licenses or consents for any performances, displays, and uses of copyrighted works, uses of patented material, or the use of any name, likeness, signature, voice, or other intellectual property owned by any third party.

Rights of Management

Should any emergency arise which prevents the scheduled opening of the LIFE Conference such as strikes, destruction or damage of the exhibit space, acts of God, etc., or a declaration of a national emergency by the President, it is expressly understood and agreed that the LIFE Conference may retain as much payment for exhibit space as necessary to cover expenses incurred up to the time of emergency.

Failure to Adhere to Contract Terms

Failure to abide by the rules of the sponsorship contract may be grounds for cancellation or dismissal of the exhibit and/or its representatives from the conference facilities with no refund of exhibitor fees.

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