People with Disabilities Succeed at LIFE!

The LIFE Conference has been successfully held in-person for 22 years.  For 2023 the LIFE Conference will be a fully virtual event.  It is our hope that in future years we will be able to resume an in-person event.

What is the LIFE Conference?

The LIFE Conference is a joint effort of many Delaware organizations.  Together they support persons with disabilities and their families.   More than 500 people with disabilities, families and professionals attend the annual conference.

The mission of the LIFE Conference is to be at the forefront of providing information, educational resources and opportunities for persons with disabilities, their families, caregivers, educators and providers.  The primary goal of the LIFE Conference is to promote and support full community integration by focusing on the four areas of Legislation, Independence, Families, and Education.  The LIFE Conference offers its attendees the opportunity to learn, network, and participate in sessions designed to share information with all participants, including policy makers and the general public.

Top Reasons Why YOU Should Attend:

    • Networking Opportunities.

    • Sponsors: 50+ agencies and services support the conference as Sponsors each year.

    • Keynote Speakers: renowned speakers bring current updates.

    • Educational Sessions: 12 sessions across 4 tracks on a variety of informative topics.

    • Continuing Education Credits: the types of CEU’s offered can include:

✔Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.


✔Occupational Therapy.

✔Physical Therapy.

✔Social Work.

✔Speech/Language Pathology.

Testimonials from Past Attendees:

  • Fantastic networking.

  • The LIFE Conference is a great conference. I always learn something new and find new information.

  • Great organization, most numbers of exhibitors at a conference that I’ve ever seen.

  • One hundred percent sure I will return next year and I will recommend other professionals / non-professionals attend this conference.

  • This conference has been so valuable for my professional development.

  • I attend for the CEU’s but I love this conference. Interesting topics each year. I learn something new.

  • As a parent advocate of an adult with cognitive disability, I’m always learning.

  • Exceptional, speakers were very knowledgeable, able and well prepared.

  • Education on disabilities rights.

  • It is great conference – consistently high quality, speakers, sessions.

  • Please continue to put the information out there. People should know who to go to when they want to do something about unfairness.

  • Learned more about IEP compliance.

  • As a parent to be able to help my daughter with her transition to post-secondary school.

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